Sree Venkateswara High School, Tripunithura, Ernakulam | About Us
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About Us

About Ourselves

Established in 1976, Sree Venkateswara High School, Tripunithura (Owned and managed by the linguistic minority group of Tulu Brahmins, in Kerala) has enjoyed 40+ years, experiencing the rhythm of growth from Lower Primary to High School, overcoming many a heap of obstacles with the proper instructions and pampering of Management and Staff, under suitable leadership. The building, adjacent to Sree Venkateswara Mandiram and Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple, served as the birth place and cradle of the school for about 28 years at its infancy. In 2004 the school was shifted to the new building at the West of FACT Nagar, to accommodate the growing student strength, as the school got upgraded as High School.

Our first batch of SSLC students came out with remarkable results of 94% and the Second batch with 96%, in the March 2007 and 2008, respectively. From March 2009, every year we are awarded by 100% success by the hard work of our students, devoted services of our staff, and the support of the Management & parents and above all the blessings of God.

Upholding the principle of “Education for Poor and Needy”, we provide educational facilities to children belonging to the lower middle class of the society. But for the financial instability we could give these children free education, as they deserve it.
Kept away from the den and dirt of the city, but with all its facilities, Sree Venkateswara High School Tripunithura, is worthy to be recognized as one of the Prominent Centers of Education at Tripunithura-the Royal city of Palaces. S.S.L.C. Results are 100% since March 2009.We provide chances for the children to develop their skills through: Student Police Cadet Project, Cricket, English Lab, Communicative English Programme, Smart Classes, Kindergarten, Open Schooling and a lot more other supportive activities.

We are aware of our shortcomings as well. Raising the ground level by filling soil with side channels covered by concrete slabs, installing Courts for various games, providing separate accommodation for Nursery Classes, modifying the toilet facilities for the students and upgrading the available drinking water facilities, are some of the projects we plan to provide. We firmly believe to have achieved our goals in the nearest future by the by the blessings of Lord Venkateswara.

School Emblem

Our Motto

The Team

Sri. Adv. S Ramachandran


Phone : 9388602843
E mail :
Dr. Leela Ramamurthy

(MSc.MEd, DSM, PhD)
Educational Consultant
(Former  Senior Principal , Chinmaya Vidyalya, Tripunithura, RP. CBSE. Academic Coordinator, (Integrated BEd. Course) Chinmaya Viswavidyapeeth)

Phone: 8129763369
E mail:



Phone : 9847277362

Teaching Staff

Name of Staff  –  Qualification  –  Department

Smt. Neeru Premachandran    –   M A B Ed    –   Sanskrit
Smt. Sakunthala P R     –   M A B Ed     –   Malayalam
Smt. Smtihamol CM     –   M A B Ed     –   Malayalam
Smt. Vijayalakshmi M     –   BSc B Ed     –   English
Smt. Vinitha M S   –   M.A B Ed     –   English
Smt. Meera R U    –   M. A.  –  Communicative English
Smt. Renuka J     –   M A M Ed     –   Hindi
Smt. Sindhu C M     –   B.A BEd     –   Social Science
Smt. Sumimol. K .S     –   B.A BEd PGDCA     –   Social Science
Smt. Feby Babu     –   BSc B Ed     –   Physical Science
Smt. Rekha R     –   BSc B Ed     –   Natural Science
Smt. Rekha K A     –   BSc B Ed     –   Natural Science
Smt. Raji B N     –   BSc, BEd     –   Mathematics
Smt. Sreevidya K     –   MSc BEd    –   Mathematics
Smt. S Sangeetha     –   BSc Computer Science     –   Information Technology
Smt. Viji T R     –   BSc PGDCA     –   Information Technology
Smt.Reesamma Thomas     –   HC P Ed     –   Physical Education
Smt. Savithri K N     –   Diploma in Music     –   Fine Arts
Smt. Sijila N S     –   B.A TTC     –   Primary Education
Smt. Divya Vijayan     –   B.A TTC     –   Primary Education
Smt. Geetha K B     –   NTTC     –   Kindergarten
Smt. Daya Anilkumar   –  BA NTTC – Kindergarten

Non Teaching Staff

Name of Staff  –  Qualification  –  Department

Smt. Sreerekha K P     –    MCom Edu Management   –  Accountant
Smt. Beena N T     –   B. Com PGDCA     –   Clerk
Sri. Vasudevan V     –   Peon
Smt. Radha B     –   Peon
Smt. Ambika K     –   FTM
Smt. Sheela Thomas     –   Aya

School Management Committee

(TTBY 21/62) 2019-21

Adv. S. Ramachandran – President (Manager of the School)
Smt. S. Radhakrishna Rao – Vice President
Sri. H. Govindan – Secretary
Sri. K. N. Muraleedhara Rao – Jt Secretary
Sri. V. R. Hari – Treasurer
Sri. T. G. Sreekumar – Member
Smt. Jyothi Srikrishnan – Member
Sri. S. J. Muraleedharan – Member
Sri. Anoop Kumar S. – Member
Smt. Subhadra – Member
Sri. Subramanian R. – Member
Sri. Rangarajan K. – Member
Sri. U. Madhusudhanan – Member
Sri. Suresh R. – Member
Smt. Rajeswary – Member

Parent Teacher Association Committee Members


Sri. P.M. Vijayakumar  –  President
Sri. K .V. Viswanathan  –  Vice President
Smt. Remya Ramesh  –  Vice President
Sri. P R Jayan  –  Member
Sri. Ajith Kumar  –  Member
Sri. Rajesh P T  –  Member
Smt. Manju Murali  –  Member
Smt. Divya Chandran  –  Member
Smt. Anila  –  Member
Sri. Jayakumar  –  Member
Smt. Sahana Sunil  –  Member
Smt. Lavanya  –  Member
Smt. Shimna Ratheesh –  Member
Smt. Ambili Saira  –  Member
Sri. Viswanathan R Pai  –  Member

Facilities Available 2020-2021

KG Section Facilities

  • Smart Class Facility
  • English Lab for Special Coaching in English
  • SMS Alerts to Parents
  • Individual Care
  • Child Friendly Atmosphere
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Special Training in Sports for all Students
  • School Bus Facility
  • Easy Accessibility to teachers

School Section Facilities

  • State Syllabus by SCERT
  • Smart Class Facility
  • Communicative English Programme
  • Individual Care
  • SMS Alerts to Parents
  • SPC Project
  • School Musical Band Project
  • School Bus Facility

Special Coaching in:
Cricket, Football, Yoga & Geetha Class (Moral Class)

School Time Schedule

(W/E/FROM 1-06-2017)

9.15 am First Bell
9.20 am Second Bell
9.30 am Third Bell

I Period           :  9.30 am -10.15am (45 Minutes)
II Period         :  10.15am -10.55 am (40 Minutes)
Interval           :  10.55am -11.05am (10 Minutes)
III Period       :  11.05am -11.45 am (40 Minutes)
IV Period        :  11.45am -12.20 pm (35 Minutes)
Lunch Break :  12.20 pm -12.50 pm (30 Minutes)

First Bell – 12.40 pm
Second Bell – 12.45 pm
Third Bell – 12.55 pm

V Period        :  12.55 pm -1.35 pm (40 Minutes)
VI Period      :   1.35 pm – 2.15 pm (40 Minutes)
Interval         :  2.15 pm – 2.25 pm (10 Minutes)
VII Period    :  2.25 pm – 3.05 pm (40 Minutes)
VIII Period   :  3.05 pm – 3.45 pm (40 Minutes)

Dispersal : 3.45 pm
Office Hours : 9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Cash Transactions:
Monday- Friday  9.00am – 1.00 pm
Visiting Hours :  3.00pm – 4.00pm